Supercluster Airlock is an automated access management platform that enables teams to define access controls to their existing tools using engagement metrics


At Supercluster Labs, our vision of the future is one where communities of like-minded individuals can come together to work problems they care about. These individuals are enabled to work effectively, all striving for consistent goals. This idea of community-led value creation is not unique to web3. Many web2 organizations also rely on communities to add additional value back to their organization. Some examples of this include user generated content, product templates, and brand advocacy.
At Supercluster Labs, we believe that our society will continue to realize and lean on the power of communities as the future of work.

We’re empowering any organization to effectively collaborate by making it easier to manage their community, and that enables communities to continue to produce more value. Our mission to build a complete set of tools to enable this future. Most productivity and team management tools today are designed for traditional organizations. At Supercluster, we plan on bringing the same level of productivity and efficiency to communities, so that non-traditional organizations can work as effectively as traditional ones.
We’re starting with Airlock, an access management platform that enables communities to manage access to their existing productivity tools using engagement, rather than identities. We will continue to expand our product offerings to help communities manage and grow every aspect of their organization.

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