Intent-based interoperability layer


Intentify is an intent-based chain abstraction layer. Our value proposition is enabling dApps on any chain to onboard users from any other chain without further deployments or bridging. This can be realized through our Turing complete account contract supporting programmable cross-chain intents. Our intent layer enables developers to build on any chain best suited for their specific use case and abstract the underlying infrastructure from users – expanding the user base and providing a web2-like UX.Built the proof of concept for the intent layer containing Turing complete account contract, general-purpose intent DSL with compiler and internal solver.Built first prototype dApp on Intentify – an intent-based cross-chain portfolio management tool built on existing protocols without a single smart contract.Team of crypto-native engineers and OSS contributors experienced in building secure smart contract architectures, Turing complete VMs and compilers.

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Daniel Voronov


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