FilterYa is a Augmented Reality company focused on creating virtual avatars for Social Media


FilterYa is an Augmented Reality (AR) company dedicated to crafting virtual avatars specifically tailored for Social Media platforms. Our avatars are seamlessly integrated into Instagram Filters, serving as powerful marketing tools for individuals seeking to amplify their corporate or personal brand presence. With FilterYa’s innovative technology, users gain access to a wide range of visually captivating and interactive avatars. These digital personas enable individuals to captivate their audience and enhance their social media engagement. Whether you’re looking to expand your corporate reach or establish a compelling personal brand, FilterYa’s avatars offer a unique avenue to stand out and make an impact. By leveraging our AR avatars as marketing tools, users can effectively promote their brand, products, or services across various social media channels. Through eye-catching and dynamic visual content, FilterYa empowers individuals to leave a lasting impression on their target audience, fostering growth and engagement. Join FilterYa today and unlock the power of augmented reality avatars to drive social media growth for your corporate or personal brand.

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Corey Silverstein


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