Event Horizon

Event Horizon

We are a yield farm. We are a community-driven voting block. We’re the second layer of governance


Event Horizon employs an enticing strategy to attract DAO token deposits by offering attractive yields. The generated yield is directed towards our treasury, while simultaneously creating our native token HVAX, which is distributed to yield farmers on a one-to-one basis. This HVAX token serves two main purposes:

a) It can be burned to acquire a proportionate share of all tokens held within the treasury, effectively functioning as an asset similar to an index fund within the space.

b) It allows non-voting yield farmers to actively participate in voting processes of external DAOs, resulting in an impressive vote multiple ranging from 100 to 1000 times. By serving as a secondary governance layer, Event Horizon facilitates diversified risk profiles and provides a remarkable opportunity to hold a single token that can be utilized for voting on any DAO with substantial vote multiples. This approach effectively transforms a problem into a solution, paving the way for limitless possibilities.

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Jordan Karstadt


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