Outlier Ventures involvement in Boson Protocol has been absolutely critical.

Justin Banon

CEO & Founder, Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol revolutionizes the tokenization, transfer, and trade of tangible assets through redeemable NFTs


Boson Protocol is a groundbreaking Web3 infrastructure project that aims to transform commerce by enabling the tokenization, transfer, and trade of physical assets using blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Boson Protocol creates a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, allowing for frictionless and trustless transactions. With Boson Protocol, users can unlock the value of real-world assets by converting them into digital representations that can be bought, sold, and redeemed. This innovative approach eliminates intermediaries, reduces costs, and opens up new opportunities for decentralized marketplaces, autonomous supply chains, and innovative business models.

Justin Banon is a serial entrepreneur, academic researcher, and thought leader in cryptocurrency and economics, recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. He is a mentor and investor in the Web3 startup sector.Justin has contributed op-eds to Coindesk, Blockworks, and The Defiant, and has been featured in Tatler, The Drum, and Cointelegraph. He’s appeared on CNBC and at events like Davos and NFT NYC.Justin founded Boson Protocol, the Web3 trust layer integrating real-world assets. In 2021, Boson raised $36 million and was named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer for its transformative potential in global economic exchange.As a partner at Outlier Ventures, a leading Web3 accelerator, he mentors startups, helping shape the future of Web3.Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and two master’s degrees in Digital Innovation and Crypto Technology. He is actively involved in research, currently focusing on the Web3 computable economy, in partnership with blockchain economist Professor Jason Potts.Justin’s mission is to forge a new economic order through technology, promoting informed, self-governed societies, and equitable value distribution.

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