Supporting the future of Web3 luxury fashion & commerce

The FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp helps founders and teams gain traction, find the right partners and get funded in 12 weeks.

Get access to FARFETCH and Outlier Ventures’ extensive network of mentor leaders from fashion, technology and Web3 as well as global investors. Whether it’s initial fundraising, business model testing, scaling up (operations and tech), tokenomics, or making industry connections that take your start up to the next level.

Applications close in:


Core terms

We keep it really simple, we give you access to our in-house specialist and mentor / partner network and a $150k cash stipend to cover your costs during the program, in exchange for 7.5%.

What we offer

  • 3 month award winning accelerator program (fully remote), including access to in-house operational, legal, commercial, marketing, and token model support
  • $150,000 in funding, and an optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan may be available (terms apply)
  • Leading mentor and investor network featuring some 200+ of the biggest names in DeFi, Web3, and the Open Metaverse

In return for

  • 7.5% equity and 7.5% future token supply
  • Option to invest at a discount during the next funding round
  • Repayment of loans once the fundraising round is closed and paid out of fundraising proceeds

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