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DeFi Startup Traction Made Easy

This flexible accelerator provides access to an extensive network of DeFi and Web 3 leaders and in-house operations, commercial, marketing, and token design support that early founders need to scale their growth and fundraising abilities

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Builders Wanted - New Order is Partnering with Outlier Ventures to Launch 8 to 10 New DeFi Projects every 6 months!

Outlier Ventures and New Order are accelerating 8 to 10 New DeFi Projects in each cohort. This partnership aims to amplify DeFi innovation by leveraging New Order's existing network of builders, investors and smart contract developers to help launch a new breed of next-generation decentralized financial applications.

For the DeFi Base Camp, we are looking for founders focusing on (but not limited to):

If your project fits any of the categories above, this is the Base Camp for you!

The impact we deliver

How Base Camp Works

Access to People

At Outlier Ventures we’ve got in-house experts that have helped launched 100+ startups. Whether its fundraising, business model, scaling (operations and tech) or any of the other million things you overcome as a start up we’ve seen it before.

It’s not just about us, we have a great global network of mentors, founders, and experts who contribute to your success via the program. They come from Top 50 protocols, thought leading enterprises, and leading organisations in Web3.

Partners are the path forward

We sit at the middle of an ecosystem of partners ranging from protocols, investors, technology houses, enterprises, liquidity providers, and of course our ever growing portfolio.

Once you’re in the portfolio you never leave. Becoming part of the ecosystem and reaping the benefits for years to come through the collaboration opportunities we create.


We keep it really simple, we provide $100,000* of immediate funding in exchange for 6% of your company and 6% of future token supply.

We offer

  • 3 month award winning accelerator program (fully remote), including in-house operational, legal, commercial, marketing, and token model support
  • $100,000 in funding, and an optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan to help with initial legal costs
  • Leading mentor and investor network featuring some of the biggest names in DeFi, Web 3.0, and the Open Metaverse

In return for

  • 6% equity and 6% future token supply
  • Option to invest at a discount during the next funding round
  • Repayment of loans once the fundraising round is closed and paid out of fundraising proceeds

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The Core Terms - What will I get with this program?
Is the DeFi Base Camp program right for you?
Where will the Base Camp program be run?
What type of ideas are you looking for?
Why is Outlier Ventures the right early stage investor?
How long will the program run for?
What will the program consist of?
What happens after the end of the program?