Robin Andre Nordnes is the Blockchain Technology Analyst at Outlier Ventures, responsible for technical research in investment prospects and assisting cohort startups in understanding their technical needs. Robin is also responsible for setting the long-term strategy for foundational metaverse research and for its emerging technology needs. 

Robin joined Outlier Ventures in April 2021 with unique Web3 perspectives and an extensive background in developing financial and distributed ledger technology for crypto-economic applications.

Previously, Robin was the technical product manager at Konomia, where he managed blockchain product development of banking infrastructure for rural communities in East-Africa enabling access to financial services and financial planning. Additionally, he worked closely with key stakeholders and government entities to establish critical partnerships for establishing new payment gateways and managed the team’s API payment services for the asset and investment management platform.

Moreover, Robin has a research background where he specialised in computational neuroscience by studying neural mechanisms in human and animal studies such as reward mechanisms for improving the adoption rate in reinforcement learning (RL) agents implemented as meta-learning.