Rebl (formerly Yuser) Unleash your creativity, explore, and monetize your content hub. 📍Canada  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: Rebl is an nnovative hub, where you can unleash your creativity, explore new frontiers, and monetize your content. Say goodbye to mere likes and embrace a new era of AI-driven content generation that rewards you with valuable […]

The Eden

The Eden The Eden is a decentralized live streaming platform empowering web 3 projects with privacy-focused features, token incentives, and community ownership 📍China  Filecoin Base Camp Find this project at: Twitter theeden.tv Founder information: Founder CONNECT NOW Twitter Fuel the future of your startup with Outlier Ventures Apply now for one of our accelerator programs […]

Streams xyz

Streams xyz Streams.xyz is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people communicate and collaborate through immersive and interactive experiences 📍USA  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: Streams.xyz merges technology and human interaction seamlessly through virtual environments and social platforms. With a focus on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), they enable users to connect […]