Wovn Empowering creators and businesses in Web3, driving engagement, sales, and commerce to new heights 📍USA Description: Wovn.xyz is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way content is localized and translated for websites and applications. With its advanced technology and intuitive interface, Wovn.xyz makes the process of translating and adapting content into multiple languages seamless […]


Rebl (formerly Yuser) Unleash your creativity, explore, and monetize your content hub. 📍Canada  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: Rebl is an nnovative hub, where you can unleash your creativity, explore new frontiers, and monetize your content. Say goodbye to mere likes and embrace a new era of AI-driven content generation that rewards you with valuable […]


Trident3 Empowering brands to easily access the world of web3 📍USA


Sindicatum / Reneum Using blockchain to tokenize environmental commodities to drive renewable energy investment 📍Singapore  Polygon Base Camp Description: Reneum Institute (formerly Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies) utilizes blockchain to tokenize environmental commodities, driving renewable energy investment globally. Their platform securitizes investments in renewables, empowering developers with bankable revenue streams. It also enables sustainability-driven corporations to securely […]

Open Trade

Open Trade OpenTrade gives Web3 treasurers and institutions access to on-chain structured financial products 📍USA  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: Open Trade provide Web3 treasurers & institutions access to on-chain structured financial products backed by investment grade financial assets. This provides investors with stable, predictable returns that are uncorrelated to crypto prices and markets. We […]


Logion Empowering tokens on any blockchain as legal-grade digital assets 📍Luxembourg  Polkadot Base Camp Description: Logion’s global network of Judicial Officers initiates by verifying identities and validating the legitimacy of corporations, adhering to legal and compliance standards. This process establishes a secure chain of custody for evidence records. Verified Issuers, carefully assessed by these officers, […]