vSelf Vself empowers brands to cultivate loyal and vibrant communities 📍United Kingdom  Zero Knowledge Base Camp Description: vSelf simplifies next-generation community engagement by establishing a reliable interaction channel between brands and customers. Our user-friendly tools leverage Web3 data for loyalty programs, customer relationship management, and digital marketing, fostering trust and enhancing brand-customer interactions. Find this […]


Synthr Omnichain Synthetics – Slippage Free, Unchained Liquidity 📍India  DeFi Base Camp Description: Synthr is an innovative omnichain protocol that enables users to create and trade synthetic assets, known as syAssets. These are highly solvent, interoperable derivatives of various financial assets. The protocol leverages advanced oracle networks and cross-chain messaging protocols for efficient collateral management, […]


Sonr Sonr.io is a forward-thinking company dedicated to revolutionizing the world of voice technology and voice assistants 📍USA  Filecoin Base Camp Description: Sonr.io enhances voice-enabled interactions with cutting-edge solutions that transform technology engagement. Their comprehensive suite of voice technology includes advanced assistants and applications across various platforms. Sonr.io leverages NLP and AI to enable accurate […]