Open Meta

Open Meta The Open Meta DAO serves as the organizing body for the Web3 Open Metaverse, owned and controlled by the community. 📍Switzerland  Ascent Advisory  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: Open Meta is community-driven association of individuals working towards an open and inclusive future. The Open Meta DAO will provide the structure for community members […]


StationX is a leading platform that enables individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of cybersecurity 📍India  Filecoin Base Camp Description: offers comprehensive cybersecurity education with practical skills and industry-recognized certifications. Their high-quality courses cover ethical hacking, penetration testing, network defense, and digital forensics. Collaborating with experts, […]

Sociate AI

Sociate AI is an innovative company at the forefront of AI-powered influencer marketing 📍United Kingdom  Hedera Base Camp Description: connects brands with the right influencers, leveraging advanced technologies for impactful campaigns. Their platform streamlines the process, allowing brands to discover, collaborate, and manage influencer relationships. AI-driven selection maximizes reach and effectiveness, based on […]


Lomads Effortlessly automate transactions and permissions 📍France  IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp Description: Lomads addresses two challenges in the web3 landscape: fluid work structures and individual data sovereignty. Current tools hinder agility and require redundant supervision, while data privacy remains a concern. Lomads provides a platform and protocol. The platform automates compensation and permissions using […]


GameDAO Enhance your gaming experience with GameDAO 📍Liechtenstein  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: GameDAO extends comprehensive support to game creators at every stage of their game lifecycle through the power of communities. The objective is to align and connect game creators, players, investors, and publishers, transforming the global gaming ecosystem into a sustainable and flourishing […]

Event Horizon

Event Horizon Event Horizon We are a yield farm. We are a community-driven voting block. We’re the second layer of governance 📍USA  DeFi Base Camp Description: Event Horizon employs an enticing strategy to attract DAO token deposits by offering attractive yields. The generated yield is directed towards our treasury, while simultaneously creating our native token […]