Since 2014, Outlier Ventures has collaborated with and invested in over 250 Web3 startups through our Basecamp accelerator and Ascent token launch programs. During this period, we’ve encountered numerous Web3 companies seeking to raise from venture capital using various fundraising instruments. These companies…

The Quantitative Components of Token Value

Building upon Qualitative Components As discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of our Token Value Series, there are multiple components that make up the perceived value of capital assets. The previous article looked at the qualitative components, which cover the ‘intangible’ aspects of token value. This includes aspects of community , narrative and token […]

Breaking Down Token Value: A Qualitative Analysis

In the previous post in this series “Why are tokens valuable?”, we looked at the framework of super asset classes and the source of value behind different tokens.  In this post, we will look at how this plays out in practice, by focusing on the qualitative components of token value. Before we can jump into […]

veGood, veBad, and veUgly

One of the biggest DeFi narratives of2022 has been the ‘ve’ (“vote-escrow”) token model. The first of a series, this article provides an overview of the ‘ve’ token model, some of its constraints, and some pointers towards an improved model.