The Convergence Stack webinar featuring ANVIL

March 2019


Today Outlier Ventures Labs hosted a virtual conversation with two technical leaders of the core components of the Convergence Stack: Toby Simpson, CTO of Fetch.AI, decentralised AI for the machine economy and Ken Ebert, Software Architect and OS Engineer, Sovrin the new standard for digital identity. OV Labs showcased a LIVE demo of the highly synergistic technologies in practice, introducing their latest project: ANVIL.

If you are a developer, the Stack enables you to be part of an ecosystem of open-source technologies spanning hardware, software and p2p networking. As a business who produces, processes and derives value from data, the Stack offers a framework for navigating decentralisation, blockchain and Web 3.

Please find below links to references during the webinar:

We want to partner with, support and invest in projects working to realize the Convergence Stack whether early stage startups, later stage projects, or corporates. If you are working in any of these areas, with a particular emphasis on the M2M economy or decentralised AI we want to hear from you. To do so please contact: