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Introducing the teams in the latest virtual cohort from our Web 3 accelerator programme Base Camp

June 29, 2020


Base Camp 3 – Summer Cohort 2020


Cryptio – Professional Bookkeeping System for Digital Assets

Why this team rocks!

Founded by Antoine, former VC in B2B SaaS companies, cryptio is built by a team of very talented engineers from the best engineering schools in France. Gabriel, the CTO, has been building crypto projects for years and led the software cluster at Epitech R&D Lab. With a lean execution philosophy, they have built a product way more advanced than anything on the market and that is now used by leading companies in the space. They are backed and advised by Griffin Anderson, former CEO of Balanc3, a Consensys-backed company, pioneer in digital assets accounting.


Antoine Scalia – CEO 

Problem they are solving

Accounting systems have been here for decades and are backed by multi billion dollars companies (SAP, Xero, Oracle, Quickbooks). These systems and the accounting framework they are built upon are here to stay. 

On the other side, digital assets are a new emerging asset class and are very likely to have a significant impact on businesses. However, the link between this new transactional space and traditional accounting systems does not exist. Which creates immediate short terms problems for companies willing to adopt this technology regarding compliance, accounting or tax. 


A professional bookkeeping software that actively monitors digital asset activity and translates it into accounting and audit ready reports. 

Cryptio is building a bridge between traditional accounting systems and digital assets data so that today’s crypto businesses can keep building the foundations of Web3 and new businesses can adopt this technology without having to face regulatory issues. 

Their clients include Consensys, Celo and Ocean Protocol. 



Gantree – Empowering any organisation to own and cultivate a piece of the global p2p economy

Why this team rocks!

Gantree is currently a team of 4 brilliant humans, all coming across from Flex Dapps where they have worked on globally renowned Web3 projects and ventures. The Gantree team have accrued incredibly valuable specific knowledge which they apply directly by building brilliant products.


Alexander Ramsey – CEO 

Tom Nash – CTO 

Problem they are solving

Running node infrastructure is a complicated craft. You can either hire dedicated personnel to manage your nodes, or pay for an expensive turnkey solution.

Unfortunately, there is an under supply of software developers with the subject matter expertise to manage nodes, and turnkey solutions don’t offer the control or value necessary for most Web3 businesses.

Node infrastructure operation can be a profitable venture that is easy to learn and difficult to master analogous to running an ecommerce store. Unfortunately, nobody is building tools that empower people to run their own nodes.

The Solution

Building an all-in-one infrastructure toolkit for operating blockchain nodes.

Gantree puts powerful tools in the hands of node operators which allow them to more easily spin up, manage and tear down nodes.

They provide analytics and telemetry infrastructure for you to measure and understand your nodes right out of the box. Gantree also empowers you to be more secure, reliable and act out the best strategy with configurable alerting and monitoring tools.

Inspired by the Gantry Crane which is capable of lifting some of the heaviest loads in the world. Ship-to-shore Gantrys help pioneering companies minimise time in port and ship faster.


heymate – A peer-to-peer marketplace for the global gig economy directly within social media, such as the messenger Telegram

Why this team rocks!

Philipp Toth was born in a Brazilian favela in São Paulo, adopted by German parents and grew up in Europe. In addition to his endless amounts of passion and high energy, Phillip brings with him a wealth of experience from his twelve years working in strategy consulting and private equity at firms that include A.T.Kearney, Merrill Lynch and The Blackstone Group. With the team that Phillipp is building and by leveraging his extensive network, heymate are well poised to give micro-entrepreneurs in his former home country and the rest of the world a tool to enhance their livelihoods.


Phillip Toth – CEO


More than one billion freelancers & side hustlers are already working in the so-called gig economy, doing on-demand gigs such as providing short-term labor, renting-out equipment or selling new or used items.

In addition, the current COVID-19 pandemic measures are accelerating the growth of the gig economy, with millions of “homepreneurs” joining the gig economy daily, becoming the fastest growing labor market. 

But the problem is, how do we find, book, contract, pay and rate the next gig in our surrounding?


A next generation peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting gig producers & gig consumers on social media such as the messenger app Telegram

heymate enables you to find, book, contract, pay and rate your next gig directly at your fingertips.  

The heymate frontend is designed for the mass markets – simple & trustful, such as the good old handshake. 

The heymate backend deploys cutting-edge distributed ledger/ blockchain technology (DLT), following the decentralized finance (DeFi) principals.


keyTango – Unlocking DeFi through integration and aggregation

Why this team rocks!

The keyTango team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in the crypto space. Dan Danay, their CEO, is a graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy. He obtained his MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from MIT Sloan. He is also an alumnus of Ycombinator, where he participated as a startup mentor in the fellowship program and group moderator in the startup school. Guy Zyskind, is keyTango’s Chief Scientist. Guy obtained his M.S. from the MIT Media Lab where he taught the first engineering class about bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Dan Danay – CEO

Guy Zyskind – Chief Scientist

Problem they are solving

95% of all crypto funds are idle. DeFi is overwhelming and CeFi is siloed.

The Solution

keyTango integrates, aggregates and simplifies DeFi and CeFi products to make the most out of your crypto.

Please note, more details on the keyTango project to be released soon


Linkdrop – Taking crypto mainstream by making customer acquisition effective and crypto products easy to start with

Why this team rocks!

Linkdrop are a highly skilled team that have already built several startups. They bring with them some huge achievements including helping to scale an e-commerce marketplace to over $180M in monthly revenue, and growing an online media company to 3.5M monthly readers. They have been building in the Blockchain ecosystem for more than 3 years and are aiming to use all their experience and skills to help grow the blockchain ecosystem to 1Billion users.


Artiom Ignatyev – CEO 

Mikhail Dobrokhvalov – CTO

Problem they are solving

Blockchain is coming to traditional companies with mainstream users. However, right now crypto onboarding is very complicated and the customer journey is broken in crypto.

There is a 95–97% drop-off rate for new blockchain users. Just to start using crypto products companies need to ask new users to install and set up a wallet and get network tokens to pay fees before providing any value. This doesn’t work well with mainstream users.

The Solution

Linkdrop allows companies to run promotional campaigns with digital rewards encoded into links.

Their novel approach is allowing companies to send digital rewards to anyone via a link, SMS, email, etc. Allowing to claim digital assets before having a wallet fixes the broken crypto customer journey and motivates mainstream users to finish complicated crypto onboarding.


Minaz – Disrupting the organic food industry by creating traceability application in the organic food value chain

Why this team rocks!

Team MINAZ, based between Hamburg, Paris and New York are rocketing up the organic food industry segment by developing a food monitoring and traceability application. The team includes two business development experts with significant experience in the food industry and two technical experts well versed in blockchain and application development. MINAZ are also supported by mentors in the form of senior managers in the ORACLE Blockchain team. With excellent team spirit and strong support from their mentors, the MINAZ team have the right ingredients to break boundaries and revolutionise the way disruptive technologies are engaging with the real business world’s supply chain needs.


Mina Kordi – CEO

Bertrand Juglas – CTO 

Jako Kordi – COO


The effects of COVID-19 on international trades due to movement restrictions, transferring of products between countries will take longer as transportation is highly dependent on office work, and there are mountains of paperwork and duplicative processes in borders. We see two main issues that need to be addressed:

  • Disconnected supply chain actors – Complex, global supply chains, involve many independent actors who may not trust each other. This can greatly limit the level of collaboration
  • Lack of Transparency and auditability – As the risks of trading with non-authorized suppliers is product recalling that can cause significant legal costs in addition to brand damage and lost sales for products.


An easy-to-use graphical interface to map the supply chain and automatically set up the companies and associated nodes, all in a couple of clicks.

MINAZ built up a traceability application which is a food inspection data monitoring and tracking tool that use of permitted blockchain systems to tackle the integrity in the supply chain interoperability challenge. It helps to expedite organic chain management trials by facilitating data storage and sharing between partners while ensuring the trustworthiness of production trial data collection and reporting.

Also, the application checks the authority of the released certificate in each step of developing the supply chain and displays data for analysis, recall management, volume analysis, and more.


OPGames – Competitive game tournament made easy

Why this team rocks!

Outplay Games are a team of 5 who have the drive, vision, talent and resilience to commit to solutions that can pierce into a breakthrough that will change how game monetization works in the future. Bringing with them over 30 years of combined experience within the gaming industry, the team perfectly balances the commercial know-how of how to build profitability within games with the technical expertise needed to enable developers in the space where gaming and blockchain intersect.


Chase Freo – CEO

Paul Gadi – CTO

Gabby Dizon – COO 

Problem they are solving

The casual and hyper casual games market is very saturated, with revenue sources heavily reliant on video ads alone without any alternatives. 

As Daily Active Users dictate how much a game will earn via ads, it requires extreme virality or paid user acquisition which is typically higher than the average user LTV in these game genres. To add to this, ad monetization is often intrusive with bad user experience leading to high player attrition.

Furthermore, the majority of casual and hyper casual games are not able to find publishers to fund their marketing growth.

The Solution

A set of tools that allows game developers to turn their single player games into a competitive multiplayer tournament

OP Games is a solution that enables both the developer and player to sanction tournaments with entry fees forming a prize pool for winning players to split. 

Developers can then collect a percentage of tournament entry fees to improve the game’s monetization and retention structure. 

 Additionally, competitive tournaments offer alternative streams of revenue for game developers that aren’t as disruptive to the player experience as video ads tend to be. – A blockchain-based data notarization service that creates a shield of trust for any data

Why this team rocks! have the right skill set, drive and vision to aim for the stars. One of their core team members has a Ph.D. from Tokyo University whilst another spent over 12 years making his way to the top of the IT corporate ladder in Germany, UK, Switzerland, and UAE. The team combines many years of invaluable commercial experience with deep technical expertise. They built their pilot in less than 24 hours of coding, imagine, what they could do with the right time and capital.


Krzysztof Radecki – CEO 

Przemek Szleter – COO

Problem they are solving

There is a fundamental issue with data nowadays – people do not trust it. Driven by the recent deep fakes and fake news scandals, private and corporate users alike became distrustful of information they consume.

Blockchain technology is perfect for facilitating trustless interactions but it was not designed to handle high velocity and high volume data traffic. It is also fairly complex and comes with a steep learning curve and a complex toolset that discourage its mass adoption.

Beyond that, storing data on blockchain is inefficient, very expensive and for the majority of corporate users unacceptable in the light of recently introduced EU and US data privacy laws.

The Solution

A platform that abstracts and hides blockchain’s complexities without compromising on security. decouples data storage and data trust layers thus guaranteeing that sensitive data never leaves our clients infrastructure but its authenticity can be validated at any time by all parties involved. is storage and blockchain agnostic, easily integrates into existing data streams and seamlessly creates a trust layer for any kind of data using distributed ledger technology.


SwashApp – The World’s First Digital Data Union

Why this team rocks!

Swash are a team of 4 who have the confidence, ambition, and the tools to achieve their mission of building the world’s first digital data union. They have developed a new model and have already proven it to be working. Bringing together their combined experiences in building blockchain startups, over 10 years of software security specialisation and technical expertise, the Swash team are focused on enabling people to benefit from their data, whilst prioritising security of it.


Ebrahim Khalilzadeh – Security Architect

Reza Naeeni – Business Developer

Masoud Sarabadani – Engineer

Mehrdad Abdi – Engineer

Problem they are solving

Web users today cannot monetize the value of their online data. Their data is controlled and sold by tech giants and their attention is harvested by advertisers while users earn nothing in return.

Users’ data is sold without user knowledge or real consent causing power asymmetry and inequality in the data economy.

Data buyers do not have access to diverse cross-platform data. They face negative business reputation and declining profitability as a result of increasing legal and social demands for respecting individual data ownership rights.

The Solution

Building a better web by enabling users to monetize their data.

Swash is a browser extension that lets users monitor and monetize their browsing data. 

Swash unlocks and democratizes new streams of data economy for web users while disrupting the current legacy models for data brokering and online advertising services.

Swash is The World’s First Digital Data Union — an ad hoc collective of users pooling their data in order to increase its value and then selling subscriptions to that data via a decentralized marketplace. 


Tapmydata – We build tools for data discovery and secure sharing, with citizens in control

Why this team rocks!

Covering PrivTech, mobile web, blockchain and crypto commerce, the Tapmydata team brings together the skills to take new ideas from idea to delivery, through prototyping and MVP, on an agile basis.

They have the right profile, contacts and credibility to own the dialogue around data rights and inspire consumers to take control of their data, learn and earn from it, all in a very accessible way – think Which? for the 21st century! 

Tapmydata is currently a core team of 4 members, plus trusted advisors who they can rely on for input and assistance as needed. 


Gilbert Hill CEO

Tom Holder CTO

Problem they are solving

For GDPR to fulfil its potential, people need to be able to take back control of their data, store and transfer on to those who can make use of it, securely, easily and transparently.

Right now, increasing numbers of people are filling in website forms, sending scans of sensitive documents in the post or via email, and wondering why companies know so much about them. 

Companies are either doing nothing at all to manage data rights or using methods and tools which don’t scale, and aren’t secure. Many are wondering how, where and why they gathered so much data about people and worrying this is now a risk. 

 The Solution

Providing a means to discover and repatriate your personal info, store and share it securely with another person or organisation we remove friction for all parties to move beyond compliance, towards data dialogue and exchange. 

Tapmydata have built a dedicated, secure channel to do this, with an app for people to exercise their rights, a data wallet and web portal for businesses to respond, with blockchain as the ledger. 

Businesses can move data dialogue away from compliance teams and back into the customer and marketing departments, and individuals can own their data record, group together and start to exercise real agency.


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