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Diffusion 2019: 15 Protocols, 25m+ lines of open source code, 2 days of hacking

August 6, 2019


For the first time since 2013, Outlier Ventures and 15 protocols including Fetch.AI, Cosmos, IOTA, Chainlink, Enigma, Sovrin, Evernym, Haja Networks, Agoric Systems, Ocean Protocol, FOAM, Alkemi, RightMesh and SEED have come together for a combined dev con, “Diffusion” to build an alternative web.

The hackathon-style event will take place in Berlin on the 19th -20th of October 2019 focusing on the practical application of distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and programmable tokens, to create a new data layer, and enable other deep technologies like AI and IoT to combine and converge in order to define the next major web cycle.

What is Diffusion?

Outlier Ventures and 15 protocols have joined forces to create our first dev con, Diffusion 2019, where developer communities will be able to build a literal stack of technologies that combined together enable a new data economy centred around privacy, the decentralisation of insecure cloud architecture and the deconstruction of platform monopolies, known as ‘The Convergence Stack’.

The two-day event will include dapps, network improvements, stack integrations, tooling and documentation to accelerate adoption and network growth. The event will also feature a series of exclusive product launches, live demos, enterprise partnership announcements and Q&As from founders and core dev teams from across The Stack as well as presentations from leading developers, economists and system engineers.

How can you be a part of Outlier Ventures first dev con?

If you are interested in taking part of Diffusion 2019 click the ‘Apply now’ button on to be a mentor, volunteer or hackathon team.

Before securing your place at our two-day dev con, make sure you are applying for the correct option.

Hackathon team:

If you are applying as a hackathon team, we are looking for:

  • Web 3.0/blockchain developers with some experience;
  • Web 2.0/enterprise full-stack developers;
  • Front end/ UX developers;
  • Data scientists.

This could be as individuals, teams or organisations. If you are joining as a team we are looking for a maximum of 5 members. Therefore, you do not need a team to participate in Diffusion 2019.

If you are an individual looking for a team visit the Participants page on to see other users who are registered for that hackathon.


We are also looking for mentors which will help the teams of developers compete in challenges including build of dapps, network improvements, stack integrations, tooling and documentation to accelerate adoption and network growth. Mentors come in various forms including technical, legal, business, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data science, cryptography, regulation and more.

If you apply to become a mentor you will contribute to the success of the event by guiding the teams around obstacles, working closely with the teams and encouraging collaboration between them.

If you’d like to apply to be a mentor please head to the application form here:


We are also looking for volunteers to help run and support Diffusion 2019 this could include the distribution of sustenance to teams; checking-in participants, speakers, and mentors; and being on hand for advice and support over the weekend.

If you’d like to apply to be a volunteer please head to the application form here:

During the hackathon, you need to enter a submission via the submission form. This will enable you to submit a project. When you create a project you are creating the project page that will house the details about what you’re working on. When you want to enter that project as a submission to Diffusion 2019 that’s when it is considered a submission for the prize.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our dev con taking place at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin, Germany on 19th and 20th October.


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