Quartz Network: Innovation through Chaos


Just as Kusama is the counterpart to Polkadot, Quartz serves as the equivalent within the Unique Network ecosystem. It offers an unparalleled avenue for unleashing your wildest and most daring NFT concepts. Quartz, the canary network of Unique Network, is a user-centric platform meticulously crafted to foster the exploration of groundbreaking ideas in the NFT realm and cater to the needs of the upcoming generation of users. Powered by Substrate, Quartz presents developers with seamless accessibility to a wide array of cutting-edge NFT tools, enabling them to create functional decentralized applications (dApps), captivating games, and vibrant NFT marketplaces with remarkable ease. With Quartz, innovation knows no bounds as it empowers creators to bring their boldest visions to life in the world of NFTs.

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