DIA Data

DIA Data is redefining cross-chain oracles for Web3


DIA revolutionizes oracles on 30+ L1/L2s with full customization, unmatched asset coverage, and complete transparency. Our comprehensive product offerings cater to all oracle requirements of Web3 applications. DIA enables the creation of price feeds for 3,000+ tokens, 18,000+ NFT collections, 20,000+ traditional assets, Liquid Staked Tokens, and more. Each feed can be customized for specific protocols and use cases. With a unique architecture that aggregates raw trade data from 80+ sources including CEXs, DEXs, and NFT marketplaces, DIA ensures 100% source transparency and offers bespoke customization. There is no reliance on third-party data providers as any publicly accessible data feed can be sourced, regardless of listing conditions or trading volume. This flexibility allows DIA feeds to be fully tailored with a mix of sources and methodologies, delivering resilient feeds that set a new standard for blockchain oracles.

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Paul Claudius, Michael Weber


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