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Why We Fund Builders on Polygon

With polygon, any project can easily spin-up a dedicated blockchain network which combines the best features of stand-alone blockchains (sovereignty, scalability and flexibility) and Ethereum (security, interoperability and developer experience). Additionally, these blockchains are compatible with all the existing Ethereum tools (Metamask, MyCrypto, Remix etc), and can exchange messages among themselves and with Ethereum.

The Polygon ecosystem emerged in 2021 as the primary hub for scaling Ethereum-based apps, collecting more than $10 billion in value locked in the ecosystem. Hundreds of millions of dedicated venture capital are anticipated to enter the space to fund startups building on Polygon and leveraging its unique governance capabilities. There has never been a better time to secure an early mover advantage by building on Polygon than right now!

How Base Camp Works

Access to People

At Outlier Ventures we’ve got in-house experts that have helped launched 100+ startups. Whether its fundraising, business model, scaling (operations and tech) or any of the other million things you overcome as a start up we’ve seen it before.

It’s not just about us, we have a great global network of mentors, founders, and experts who contribute to your success via the program. They come from Top 50 protocols, thought leading enterprises, and leading organisations in Web3.

Partners are the path forward

We sit at the middle of an ecosystem of partners ranging from protocols, investors, technology houses, enterprises, liquidity providers, and of course our ever growing portfolio.

Once you’re in the portfolio you never leave. Becoming part of the ecosystem and reaping the benefits for years to come through the collaboration opportunities we create.

Our portfolio

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