Oro Financial

Oro Financial Oro Financial Zimbali Networks is an innovative payment platform that mitigates deposit risk for clients while empowering the community through financial literacy and cash back rewards 📍USA  Hedera Base Camp Description: Zimbali Networks emerges as the cutting-edge payment platform, prioritizing client security by minimizing deposit risk. Simultaneously, they actively contribute to community welfare […]


Yanda Yanda: Bridging CeFi and DeFi for transparent off-chain transactions 📍United Kingdom  Polkadot Base Camp Description: Yanda is a cutting-edge web3 protocol that seamlessly connects centralized and decentralized finance (CeFi and DeFi). With a focus on enhancing transparency in off-chain transactions, Yanda revolutionizes the financial landscape. By leveraging the infrastructure of centralized exchanges (CEX), Yanda […]

Vyper Protocol

Vyper Protocol Unleash the potential of decentralized derivatives trading by seamlessly creating and trading a diverse range of financial instruments 📍United Kingdom  DeFi Base Camp Description: Vyper is an innovative marketplace that provides a transparent and user-friendly platform for trading a diverse selection of on-chain derivatives. With Vyper, anyone can seamlessly participate in the market, […]


Veax The Cutting-Edge Single-Sided Liquidity DEX Powered by NEAR Protocol. Experience the Fusion of TradeFi and DeFi, Unleashing an Unmatched Trading Journey 📍Switzerland  Ascent Advisory Description: Unleash the Future of Decentralized Trading with Veax. Experience an Advanced Single-Sided Liquidity Management DEX, Designed Native on the Near Blockchain. We have revolutionized the world of decentralized cryptocurrency […]


TokenFabrik Tokenfabrik enables digital investments by connecting investors and asset originators 📍Germany  Ascent Advisory Description: Tokenfabrik develops and operates digital solutions for industrial equipment financing, thereby connecting asset originators and investors, and linking physical assets such as vehicles, machines, and infrastructure with investment platforms in the regulated financial market and in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) […]


Syndr Trade Options, Perpetuals & Futures on world’s 1st cross-margined decentralized derivatives exchange powered by an App-specific L3 Rollup 📍Singapore  Zero Knowledge Base Camp Description: Syndr is an institutional-grade decentralized exchange for derivatives trading, offering high-performance, high capital efficiency, and a user-friendly interface. Traders can trade Options, Perpetuals, and Futures with features like low latency […]