Introducing Blockchain-enabled Convergence
by Jamie Burke, on July 13, 2016


Blockchains – The Next Web

We believe blockchain technologies, including distributed ledgers & smart contracts, are the mega-trend that allows all other macro-trends to both scale securely, converge and combine.

They represent the next phase of The Web, Web 3.0 or ‘The Trust Web’, and are going to transform how technologies interact with one another and the World around them.

More specifically we believe there to be a handful of emergent technologies that hold the most promise for blockchain enabled convergence in the mid to long-term that we wish to bring together.

Promising Trends

– AI

– IoT

– Drones

– VR / AR

– 3D Printing

– Autonomous Robotics

Breaking Out of silos

Anyone working or investing in high-tech knows what’s most promising is not just the individual technology itself but how they converge & combine with others over time.

As each independent technology plays out its own unique and complex course it requires increased focus & specialisation from its pioneers. So how do we ensure industry leaders can break out of their silo and explore opportunities to cross-pollinate with other fields…

Convergence Annual Retreat

Convergence is an private event, hosted by Outlier Ventures, to bring together 25 leading high-tech pioneers from startups around the world to make sparks fly.

As leading experts & investors in blockchain at Outlier Ventures we ourselves have first-hand experience of how a technology can converge & combine with others in exciting ways.

So we are inviting pioneers from across high-tech to directly explore the possibilities of tomorrow with us today.

We cordially invite you to join us and a wider collective of brilliant minds to share, socialise & hack a week away surrounded by stunning nature.

The retreat is an all expenses paid trip to a secret European location in September of this year (2016). All you will need to do is clear your diary and pay for your flights once the destination is revealed.

You can find more about the Setting & Modes here..

We hope to conclude Media Partners and Sponsors over the coming weeks.

Convergence – Where Blockchain Converges With AR / VR / AI / 3d printing / drones from Jamie Burke
Jamie Burke