Roland Spencer

Creative Producer


Roland Spencer

Roland Spencer is the Creative Producer at Outlier Ventures, responsible for organizing their suite of content & communication output, including The Metaverse Podcast, The Metaverse Show, Twitter Spaces, Telegram AMAs, Discord, YouTube, campaign content and more.

Roland is also responsible for the identification and implementation of new creative strands, with a specific focus on building community, communication and content strategy, and overseeing community output and engagement for the team.

Roland began his career in film & TV production, focussing on commercial and factual content for emerging technology, working with brands including Formula E, ABB, Shell, Channel 4, Sky and BBC.

He is an active member of the Labour Party, using his spare time to produce marketing material that helps spread awareness of the plight of those dependent on council and government funding, he is passionate about democratising the Metaverse, and creating an accessible platform which promotes engagement for young people to experiment within the space.