Matus Steis

Token Design Lead


Matus Steis

Matus Steis is the Token Design Lead at Outlier Ventures, responsible for supporting the portfolio with token design and token economics.

Matus works closely with the portfolio to select the right objective for the token, identify key stakeholders and devise suitable mechanisms to ensure value accrual to the token. Additionally, he supports the portfolio with token ecosystem simulation.

Matus joined Outlier Ventures in October 2020 following his tenure at Rockaway Blockchain Fund, a venture capital investment fund focused on investing in digital assets and related companies globally. His extensive experience as an investment analyst has contributed to his success in token design. Moreover, tokens of live projects that Matus worked on are currently worth more than $1.5 billion.

Outside of his core responsibilities at Outlier Ventures, Matus is a participant of the Token Engineering Academy within its Gitcoin Grants Research Group.