Matt Low

Polygon Program Manager


Matt Low

Matt Low is the Polygon Program Manager at Outlier Ventures, responsible for ensuring the program runs seamlessly from initial recruitment to successful fundraising. 

Currently, Matt directs the team and manages program associates along with guiding a quarterly cohort of between 6-10 startups. Matt is also responsible for establishing best practices in building program-specific deal flow. He oversees a variety of key strategic partnerships with Outlier Ventures such as the relationship with The Matic Network.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur who started three successful businesses, including his most recent venture: InveniumX Limited, which has clients across the blockchain, cryptocurrency, wealth management, venture capital, and payments industries. Matt guided recent client Palm NFT Studio through structuring the Palm Network’s governance and tokenomics strategies.

Additionally, Matt is a founding member and prior CMO of QPQ Limited, a blockchain protocol startup. Earlier in his career, Matt worked as a senior associate at Autonomous Research and management consultant at Elixirr Partners, and held senior roles at Spazapp Systems and IBM Middle East & Africa.

Outside of Matt’s core responsibilities, he’s an active member of the South African Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Young Professionals Forum.