Lawrence Lundy



Lawrence Lundy

Lawrence is a technology analyst and investor. He advises startups, corporates and the public sector on technology trends and strategy. He works with Radicalxchange, a global community rethinking economic and political institutions; Lunar Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in cutting-edge technology startups; and Outlier Ventures, a startup accelerator investing in Web3 software. At Outlier Ventures he shaped the investment thesis focussing on blockchains and other cryptographic and decentralized tools as the foundation for next-generation data infrastructure. The investment strategy resulted in over 35 investments including Brave, Ocean Protocol, and

He informs technology policy as an advisor to the OECD Blockchain Advisory Group, a Fellow at the WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and an Expert Advisor to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain. He contributed to the UK Cryptoasset Taskforce led by HM Treasury, FCA and Bank of England and the UK National Data Strategy led by the Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport. He has authored over 20 papers on the impact of emerging technologies like AI and blockchains on the economy. He is a regular speaker on the technology industry and has been quoted in the BBC, Bloomberg, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal, and presented at over 20 events and universities including MIT, Imperial College London, and Cambridge University.

Lawrence Lundy-Bryan (He/Him/His)
Strategy Lead, RadicalxChange
Research Partner, Lunar Ventures
Partner, Outlier Ventures