Harry McLaverty

Research Analyst
About Harry

Harry is an analyst whose core responsibility is to manage deal-flow including the assessment of pitches and guiding the investment decision-making progress with the investment committe. He is also responsible for the monthly research report, ‘State of Investment’ to inform the wider investment and crypto community on investment sentiment.

He first started in the venture capital industry at Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures (portfolio includes SoundCloud and Secret Sales) presenting research as well as pitch assessment. More recently he has worked at family office Stockhorn Capital and Washington-based impact investor humble ventures. He has also worked for startups including the Greylock Partners and Y Combinator-backed rental marketplace Fat Lama, and app development consultancy Theodo where he was headhunted as the first UK hire.

His academic background is in Discrete Mathematics and researched the Riemann Hypothesis and the design of a new branching-based distributed ledger technology for use in data storage on the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrencies. He is also acts as an advisor for technology strategy consultancy firm Winshaw whose clients have included drone SaaS company Consortiq, and cybersecurity firm General Dynamics.