Abdalla AlMajali

Program Manager


Abdalla AlMajali

Abdalla AlMajali is the Program Manager at Outlier Ventures for the DeFi Base Camp Accelerator.

Abdalla manages Outlier Ventures’ DeFi Base Camp accelerator program run in partnership with New Order. As part of his role, Abdalla oversees all DeFi program related activities from team and mentor recruitment, to managing relationships with DeFi investors and LPs, to planning and executing the accelerator program.

During his time at Outlier Ventures, Abdalla has supported a number of startups and founders in the Web3 space in developing their projects across the areas of product, marketing, strategy, fundraising, token design and more. He has helped several of these projects raise millions of dollars of pre-seed and seed funding. Abdalla is also a member of Outlier Ventures’ DeFi investment committee, where he has helped review over 300 deals to date. He has also helped build a network of 70+ mentors and 20+ DeFi liquidity providers that are collaborating with Outlier Ventures on DeFi Base Camp.

Prior to Outlier Ventures, Abdalla was a Manager at Simon-Kucher & Partners based out of their Dubai office. During his time there, Abdalla led projects across the Telecommunications, Consumer Goods and Retail, and Hospitality industries, helping clients develop commercial strategies to maximize their revenue and profitability. Abdalla is a functional expert in project and program management, data science and analytics, and using market research and data driven decisions to develop commercial growth strategies.

Abdalla received his Master’s of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance at the University College London (UCL) and London School of Economics (LSE).