Is My Idea Investable?

Join Outlier Chief Operating Officer Nathalie Oestmann for an in-depth look at the number one question startup founders ask. Some key takeaways below: Learn all of this and more in the video above!

Fundraising Basics 101

This video is part of a new Outlier Ventures video series covering fundraising basics and some of the key things to consider when thinking about raising money for your business.

How to build a founder team

Finding a co-founder can be one of the most challenging aspects of building a founding team. However, two founders raise the chances of startup success. Outlier’s CTO and co-founder Aron Van Ammers discusses how to navigate founder dynamics and build a strong team.

Meet the next 33 teams building in the Metaverse!

Outlier Ventures is proud to present the 33 teams that we are accelerating this season! The teams are split across 4 Base Camp accelerator programs in partnership with FARFETCH, The HBAR Foundation, Protocol Labs and Polkadot. We have hand selected the best start-ups from over 1000 applications, to accelerate the teams that are shaping the […]

It’s time to meet the Base Camp 8 teams!

Outlier Ventures was founded in 2014, which has meant that we have had the opportunity to experience several web3 cycles over the years. Naturally, market events trigger the entrance or exodus of builders in the space. Whilst market cycles are seasonal, our commitment to backing great founders and accelerating early stage startups exponentially grows. Base […]

Meet our Hedera Base Camp Cohort!

Our partnership with the HBAR Foundation is an important building block towards our mission to support the growth of the Open Metaverse. Over the course of this year, we have seen growing interest from large corporations and enterprises to participate in web3. Hedera hosts a myriad of features that cater towards the needs of these […]

Meet our Filecoin Base Camp 2 Cohort!

Following the success of the first Filecoin accelerator program last year, we are excited to announce the second cohort of our Filecoin Base Camp. We have handpicked teams from over 300 applicants, each building high quality components based on the Open Metaverse OS thesis. Participating teams cover themes across data oracles, gaming, virtual worlds, social […]

Meet our Polkadot Base Camp 2 Cohort!

We believe we have directly contributed to Polkadot’s development, and we are happy to announce our new Polkadot Base Camp cohort. We are accelerating 6 great teams from all over the globe, bringing the total number of teams building in the Polkadot ecosystem, in our portfolio, to 18. This new cohort includes projects building on […]

Meet our DeFi Base Camp Cohort!

In collaboration with New Order, the DeFi Base Camp is Outlier Ventures’ first Base Camp accelerator program dedicated to a specific sector within Web3. We have handpicked six teams from over 300 applicants, each of these teams are building in the DeFi space to bring solutions to the masses. These promising founders range from crypto […]

Meet our Polygon Base Camp Cohort!

Following the successful launch of ecosystem accelerators with Polkadot and Filecoin, Outlier Ventures has sourced eight dynamic teams, from 300+ applicants, all building on Polygon technologies. These promising founders range from crypto natives to previous Web2 founders and enterprise professionals and share one unifying trait: They are laser-focused and building high growth startups and decentralised […]

Meet our Base Camp 7 Cohort!

We’ve worked with some outstanding projects over the last year, selecting the top percentage of over 3500 start-ups applying to our programs. Base Camp 7 is no exception, with a highly curated cohort of 5 teams spanning from North America to New Zealand that represent the Open Metaverse OS and enable the convergence of technology, […]

Meet the Polkadot Base Camp Accelerator Cohort 1

Just as we predicted the convergence of blockchain tech with IoT, AI, VR & AR back in 2016 we are now seeing the convergence of Web 3 technologies with gaming, social media and virtual worlds as described in our latest  Open Metaverse OS thesis earlier this year in Jan 2021 forming the building blocks for […]

Meet our Base Camp 6 Cohort!

  Our Base Camp program is dedicated to supporting early-stage startups in the space as we are native to it and deeply understand its principles, technologies, and business models. Our incredible ecosystem of partners and growing number of collaborative accelerator programs will establish us as the Y Combinator of the Open Metaverse over the next […]

Advice for aspiring Web3 Founders

In this video Members from Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp give advice to Web3 Founders, if you’re thinking of becoming a founder, here’s a good place to start.