9 research articles with token engineering tag
Token design: the deployment phase, focusing on system safety
As Web 3.0 continues to develop and various projects build out important infrastructure to scale a decentralised web to the masses, many of these protocols can be viewed as public utilities to be used by new emerging market applications.
Ocean Protocol + Orbit DB Machine Learning App
This article summarises machine learning and its relation to data silos before introducing Outlier Ventures’ first step into apps in the Convergence Ecosystem.
Discovery Phase: Defining your Network Requirements
The first phase of token creation should start with an understanding of the ecosystem itself. In the Discovery Phase, we propose a process for token teams to formulate and align on the problem they are actually trying to solve. The fundamental question of “Why a token?” seems like a simple one, but getting internal alignment on the answer is harder then it seems. The discovery phase is all about determining and aligning on the particular characteristics of your business model, and defining the requirements for your token design.
Introducing the 3 Ds of Token Ecosystem Creation
Every new technology brings with it new and disruptive business models. And for blockchain technology, these are tokenised ecosystems. Blockchains represent a shift in how value will be created and distributed. For this shift to occur the underlying fundamentals of new emerging business models need to be explored. Tokens are the atomic elements of these new business models, and a powerful mechanism, that when designed correctly, can help drive economic alignment across a network.
The Token Ecosystem Creation report
Today we launch our new report on the concept and practice of developing effective tokenized crypto-assets. This is driven by our strong belief in the potential power of decentralised systems to provide a new and important evolution in how our economy and society can be organised, but in order to achieve this, effective ecosystems must be created that align the incentives of all the participants in a new model economy.
Essential Strategies To Manage Token Velocity
The main objective in cryptoeconomics is to design token economies that will grow in utility value over the long haul.
Token Interoperability in Community Token Economies
First, there was Bitcoin. Then there was the altcoin boom. Then the hot new stuff was blockchains without coins. And if you’ve spent any time in the cryptocurrency space lately, you’ll know tokens are the thing of the moment with 10 or more new ones every week.
Overview of Community Token Economies
With every emergent technology comes business innovation that changes how value is captured and delivered.
The Next Stage in ICOs: The Community Token Economy
Outlier Ventures, after 3 months of deep research, is pleased to share with you it’s vision for the next stage of the token economy: The Community Token Economy which can be downloaded for free from our website.