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Token design: the deployment phase, focusing on system safety
As Web 3.0 continues to develop and various projects build out important infrastructure to scale a decentralised web to the masses, many of these protocols can be viewed as public utilities to be used by new emerging market applications.
What Does Artificial Intelligence Have To Do With Blockchains?
What does artificial intelligence have to do with blockchains? Well it’s actually helpful to remove the buzzwords and talk about a new decentralised data value ecosystem in which data is produced, distributed and consumed. Using that framing, the Internet of Things produces data, blockchains and other authentication technologies distribute it, and then the data needs to be processed, analysed and automated. This is where so-called smart contracts, decentralised compute and decentralised machine learning can be used on data in decentralised databases, document stores and blockchains.
15 recent trends in the blockchain and token ecosystem you might have missed
Retail investor sentiment over the month was driven by the possibility of the SEC issuing a ruling over Ethereum and Ripple being securities. The markets may have remained suppressed over a number of weeks due to concerns around the same. However, governments have been rather proactive in issuing grants, research publications, guidance and partnering with startups over the course of the month. Speaking of startups — the month saw a number of them launching early prototypes and raising funds over the month. May also witnessed an increasing number of enterprises entering the ecosystem. They are no longer claiming “interest” in the space, but launching full-fledged teams focused on blockchains.
The End of Scale: Blockchains, Community, & Crypto Governance
We are excited to introduce the Outlier Ventures vision of the future and our investment thesis: The Convergence Ecosystem. The new data value ecosystem see data captured by the Internet of Things, managed by blockchains, automated by artificial intelligence, and all incentivised using crypto-tokens. For a summary of the thesis take a look at the introductory blog, today I want to take a deeper look at how important communities, governance and politics will play in this new era.
Disrupting the Disruptors
Despite the original decentralised design of the Internet and the hope of peer-to-peer communication; digital information is anything but peer-to-peer
Disrupting Tech Monopolies & AI Tycoons — Part 1
It is almost banal to say it, but as a society we have a data problem. Most of the World’s data is held on private servers.