Why We Invested In Biconomy

Biconomy joined our Spring 2020 Web 3 Accelerator (Base Camp) to solve the industry-wide problem of gas-fees on Ethereum, which has limited the ability of DApps to mainstream and also represented our first investment into the Indian ecosystem. 

Blockchain Developer Report Q2 2020

In 2020, a new entrant secured a top 5 spot in share of smart contracts, dapps and daily active users. 3 top-20 protocols suffered greater than 50% declines in developer activity, and one protocol saw a meteoric 931% rise in core protocol development. At Outlier Ventures, we’ve indexed millions of commits across thousands of repositories to compile a report on blockchain developer activity over the past year.

Blitzscaling ZIP: Introducing ZIPdao

As a community, ZIP is open and inclusive by default. It does not discriminate. In order to effectively align and coordinate a rapidly growing community around our shared goal, we believe a DAO with simple, but well designed, governance is critical. Therefore we are excited to announce the soft launch of ZIPdao.

Z!P: A stable crypto commodity

We believe one of the most important barriers to meaningful adoption of the emergent Web 3 Stack is the volatility of tokens: both gas and token price as a commodity. The solution is something we call FUEL.

18 Predictions for 2020

Over 11 years since the creation of Bitcoin, 2020 will be the year we follow the S-Curve of technology diffusion out of the period of Installation and into Deployment, where we see ‘synergy’ and ‘consolidation’ of the technology begin to take effect. Blockchain will finally grow up, with institutional money trickling into the market based on fundamentals – real traction and usage.

Mapping Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. DeFi is a peer-to-peer electronic financial instrument system and refers to projects that are using cryptographic tokens and blockchains enabling anyone to issue, transfer and own financial instruments.

Outlier Ventures Labs

This means they must be active developers, administrators and participants of networks. We call this Outlier Labs, and it has been our commitment to the space since 2014 and includes a multitude of activities such as: building apps, hackathons, dev cons, running network nodes and applied academic research. Recent work: Decentralised data to decentralised data […]

Why we invested in Agoric

We are excited to announce our investment into Agoric to support the team to bring security, usability, and interoperability to smart contracts. In the global economy, establishing trust costs up to 35 percent of GDP. Smart contracts are key to changing the way trust is established in the economy.

Introducing The Convergence Alliance

Last week (13 March) we announced our evolved investment thesis: The Convergence Stack. This frames both our investments and their relationship with one another as well as the wider ‘crypto’ industry in an OSI-inspired model from hardware at the bottom to the application layer at the top that combines DLT with IoT, Big Data & AI.

The Convergence Stack

The Convergence Stack is a further refinement of the Outlier Ventures investment thesis first published in 2016 anticipating the convergence of blockchains with IoT, AI and eventually robotics.

What we do at Outlier labs

If you think investing in crypto is hard – investing in our Convergence Thesis, how DLT combines and converges with IoT, Big Data and AI is even harder. The technical complexity of keeping pace with multiple deep technologies and their interactions is hugely demanding and requires a dedicated team of technical analysts who can only really learn by doing. This means they must be active developers, administrators and participants of networks.

The Hungry Protocol: how a protocol gets fat

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around Outlier Slack whilst on the road and at various panels the last few weeks that I just wanted to get up even in a rough and very crude draft form to kick-off the debate online. Over the coming months the intention is it will be formalised into something more substantial and nuanced by the wonderful folk at Outlier from across both: Token Design + Market Research Departments.

DLT + AR: The Killer Blockchain App?

Recently it seems like everyone from C-suite corporate bankers to the local barber has been an expert on Ripple, Status, and regular old Bitcoin. But so far, distributed ledger technologies have not affected most people’s lives in any meaningful way. We believe one of the missing ingredients is augmented reality.

Building the Internet of Blockchains

Clickbait headline aside, if we aren’t careful we are going to end up replicating data silos we hoped blockchains and decentralised technologies would remove.