(Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland


(Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland

We are over-reliant on Web2 cloud services. What if you can decentralize away from them? Enter Box, a product by Functionland. It enables a private cloud-like storage, provides backups and resources to others on the network, and quietly earns FULA tokens in the background. Get the scoop from Keyvan Sadeghi in this episode of the Metaverse podcast.

Posted by (Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland - May 2022


(Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland Outlier Ventures

  • Have a Masters in Artificial Intelligence
  • Was looking for a job in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Went to Hong Kong to work with Ben Goertzel on the OpenCog project in 2012

Artificial General Intelligence

  • The creation of algorithms to solve general problems instead of specific ones

Experience At Hong Kong

  • Used a linux machine for work
  • Had to do coding in Python, an open source language

It made me who I am, the true open source believer, because of the fruit of that work, specifically, you would see your work. Instead of it being behind closed doors, it is out in the world for everyone to see, touch, and change.

– Keyvan Sadeghi

Other Roles He Had

  • Created a health tech website knowledge base
  • Was responsible for creating the graph representation of that knowledge base
  • Started creating open source lego pieces. Brought this concept to Functionland
  • Was in the Cloud industry as well
  • OpenStack came along. Was trying to build on it

During the past 10 years, don’t be evil became evil. And that’s made way for us to think hard from the first principles, how we can change it, and the scene of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

– Keyvan Sadeghi

Monetization For Open Source

  • Funding has been solved for open source dev tools
  • Monetization for end user apps remained unsolved
  • Devs have to compromise user experience with ads and subscription to pay bills

Functionland’s Hardware

(Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland Outlier Ventures

  • Hardware is called Box
  • It acts as your personal server providing you with computational and storage needs
  • It’s accompanied by a network with cloud-like features such as reliable backups, high availability, real-time collaboration and sharing
  • It’s a small cube-like device
  • Users just need to connect it to an app on their phone
  • Pricing:
    • Standalone version: USD $400
    • XL version: USD $1399

(Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland Outlier Ventures

Protocol Labs, IPFS, And Functionland

  • Protocol Labs is the most widely used protocol for data sharing on Web3
  • IPFS enables people to share files on a P2P manner
  • Inside their Box, they have their own implementation of protocols made by Protocol Labs, libp2p, IPFS, etc.
  • The biggest problem with BitTorrent is that seeders would stop seeding and leechers who download and leave
  • In their FULA network, they incentivize people to keep seeding by offering daily rewards

Thoughts On Decentralization

  • Many blockchain deployments have been rightfully accused of being centralized
  • Many are run on Web2 infrastructure like AWS
  • Many IPFS deployments are limited geographically
  • They are collaborating with IPFS on a concept called local pools to solve the latency that IPFS is experiencing

Their Roadmap

  • Exploring how they can create a Web3 alternative to HTTPS
  • Have 3 protocols:
    • File protocol — a standard for communication
    • Graph protocol — for data persistence
    • AI protocol — does distributed computation for deep learning
  • One of their potential partners is Helium Network

Pre-Installed Apps And How Will They Manage Third Party Apps

  • Currently working on a photo app
  • Have 2 more apps in the pipeline:
    • A password manager
    • An alternative to Google Drive/Dropbox

You don’t need to go bankrupt to create an app and publish it for mobile devices. You can earn a constant income from it.

– Keyvan Sadeghi

  • There will be no curation. Anybody can put whatever they want on it
  • Apps are installed on your phone, not inside the Box
  • Could have auditors to audit apps on the marketplace

Who Handles Customer Service?

  • Follows how Web2 does it — from peers and communities like Stack Overflow

Why Did They Decide To Go The Traditional Route Of Crowdfunding?

  • Started with Kickstarter originally
  • 24 hours before going live on Kickstarter, they were informed that they could not launch on the platform
  • They cannot disrupt the supply chain industry and had to find creative ways to play with the traditional markets
  • Crowdfunding is a way to show that there’s appetite for their product
  • Had their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

(Blockchain-attached) Storage, with Keyvan Sadeghi of Functionland Outlier Ventures

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