We are pioneering a new model for venture we call VaaS. One where we creatively deploy capital, and the expertise of our 30+ people, as ‘activist’ investors: taking a proactive role in the success of a relational and interoperable set of technologies: open source, decentralised, privacy preserving and for the common good. ‘The Stack’ itself serves as an interdisciplinary design brief and request-for-application to technologists from across IoT, data science, machine learning and blockchain to build distributed planetary scale computation and for their effective multi-stakeholder governance systems.

Beyond The Cloud

The Internet is being fundamentally restructured from the bottom up by a convergence of decentralised technologies to form a new data economy. Where the last 20 years have been dominated by digital globalization of extractive and increasingly anti-social platforms and ‘the cloud’. The next 20 will be defined by a redistribution of value to networks and an unbundling of platform monopolies. From the sovereignty of the platform to the sovereignty of the individual user.


At Outlier Ventures we value curiosity of mind and an agile, entrepreneurial mindset. We are an open and honest team, with a collaborative approach, and we aim for rigorous thinking that is able to respect diversity of thought. We are always looking for partners, either inside or alongside our company and if this sounds like you, we would love to talk.