Academic institutions

Since 2017 we have had a groundbreaking partnership with Imperial College London and both their Economics and Computer Science departments to apply crypto-economic principles to the token design of our projects. We also maintain an informal group of academics from computer science and blockchain working groups worldwide. If you are interested in becoming part of this, please join the Convergence Open Community on Slack or contact Aron van Ammers.

Developer community

We maintain an active developer community that operate around our ecosystem of portfolio companies and corporate partners.

Outside this, we work with development organisations across Europe that provide scalable resource and expertise. We are also in the process of organising a Convergence Developer Conference to support the development of the community. To find out more join our Convergence Open Community on Slack

Industry associations

We are actively involved in ensuring the effective development of the blockchain ecosystem.

As responsible regulation is so important, we are members of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance where we engage with policy makers in the USA. To ensure wide collaboration and discussion we are members of The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum and the Tech UK blockchain working group. We are also members of a number of venture networks connecting with the investing community, including UK Business Angels Association.

Wider community

We are always interested in supporting the questions and thoughts of the wider decentralised community, outside of our portfolio.

We have a depth of expertise in legal, structuring, marketing, crypto-economics, and a wide partner network that can support in answering any topics raised in the space. If you have any comments and questions for our team, we will aim to answer them as part of regular Q&A sharing. To submit your thoughts please complete the form here.