Outlier Ventures Head of Crypto-economics team wins Award

The Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBA) in April unveiled the winners including Outlier Ventures Head of Crypt-economics, Eden Dhaliwal, at a gala ceremony in downtown Toronto.

The Ceremony, which took place on the 24th of April, brought together the brightest and best of the international community. The gala featured a special performance by award-winning musician and technologist Imogen Heap and hosted by comedians Colin Mochrie and Deb McGrath.

The award for New Frontier in Enterprise Blockchain Research, is part of blockchain Revolution Global and recognises a researcher or academic who leverages blockchain technology to push the boundaries of new business models.

The team at Outlier Ventures are very proud and excited for the Head of Crypto-economics Eden Dhaliwel, winner of 2019 Enterprise Blockchain Awards. 

Head of Crypto-economics, Eden Dhaliwal, winner of The New Frontier in Enterprise Blockchain Research

Eden and his team Geoff LeFevre and Anesu Machoko, were nominated alongside Angelo De Caro, from IBM; Henry Kim and Marek Laskowski, from Blockchain Lab at the Schulich School of Business and Satoshi Imai, Akira Ito, Takao Ogura & Takeshi Miyamae, Fujitsu Labs.

Geoff LeFevre and Anesu Machoko at the Enterprise Blockchain Awards

Incase you missed out on the awards, click below and watch the live stream of the 2019 Enterprise Blockchain Awards.

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