Outlier Ventures has been nominated at the Techcrunch Europa Awards

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Outlier Ventures are delighted to have been nominated at the Techcrunch Europa Awards as the Hottest European Blockchain Investor. Founded in 2009 and still run today by Mike Butcher, The Europas celebrates the most forward-thinking, innovative tech companies across 20+ categories.
The votes will be combined with expert judges and the winner will be announced on July 3rd in London where over 500 of Europe’s key figures in tech will come together.

If you like the work we do, we would appreciate the support of our community to help inform the judging process, every vote counts. Vote at the Techcrunch Europas poll website – it will take less than a minute <https://theeuropas.polldaddy.com/s/theeuropas2018?p=30>

NB Remember to click the link, vote, then skip to the end to “finish the survey”


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