Outlier Ventures are nominated for the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2019

This Award recognises the investment in an early stage entrepreneur that has embraced the power of deep technologies such as AI, machine learning, IOT or robotics to converge with key sectors and industries to achieve fundamental breakthroughs to key social or global challenges or needs.

Our company, Outlier Ventures, was the main investor and have worked with Fetch.AI for almost 3 years. However, in 2018 OV’s work on Fetch.AI’s token design and introductions to corporate and exchanges enabled the company to be the second project to go through Binance Launchpad, where tokens sold for $6m in 22 seconds in 2019.

The awards will be held at Illuminate at the Science Museum in London on Tuesday 2nd July. This fantastic event will recognise the fastest growing brands and acknowledge the founders, angels, crowd funders and early-stage venture capital investors behind them.

Find out more about how to get involved and celebrate with us by going to https://awards.ukbaa.org.uk/.


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