Outlier Ventures are nominated for the UK Open Source Awards

The UK Open Source Awards, now in their 6th year, is a non-profit event that celebrates and acknowledges the contributions from the community of technology experts that make open source such a powerful and unstoppable disruptive force in the current technology landscape.

Within the four different categories – Individual, Company, Student and Public Sector & Third Sector – Outlier Ventures alongside Cloudsoft Corp, Open Healthcare and AB EHR have been nominated for the award.

The Company category is looking for a commercial business which has created a successful business while contributing to open source projects, leading open source projects and spreading freedom and empowerment for users.

At Outlier Ventures we partner and invest at the convergence of blockchains with artificial intelligence, the internet of things and robotics. The projects we work with partner with us because our approach is to work closely with them, whatever the stage of development they are in, bringing our expertise and network to bear for their benefit. We have depth of expertise in legal, structuring, branding and proposition, crypto-economics and a partner network that can be brought to bear on any challenge.

The Winners will be announced at The Awards Event The Informatics Forum of the University of Edinburgh on Wednesday 12 June 2019. Outlier Ventures Tech Analyst Theo Turner will be there to find out more and to share the experience.

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