IPFS Cohort Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce the teams making up the latest IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp accelerator cohort

This 12-week program will accelerate teams leveraging IPFS, Filecoin & FVM, paving the way forwards in the open data economy. 

Meet the teams below

Leather (US) – https://www.leather.tv/

Leather is a protocol that rewards streaming subscribers across all services (Netflix, Disney, etc.) for their viewing and engagement data in **real-time** while also delivering analytics, insights and content opportunities to partners, creators and rights-holders.

Filswan (CA) – https://filswan.com/

FilSwan is a cross-chain infrastructure for Web3 DApps. FilSwan offers a complete solution that enables web3 developers to integrate decentralized storage, edge computing, and payment across multiple chains with ease. FilSwan provides three main product lines, including:

  • MetaArk is a Web3 data storage and data rebuild product
  • Lagrange DAO is powered by FilSwan, an pioneering project with a vision of reshaping the Web3 GitHub landscape by providing Web3 developers access to all the necessary tools.
  • Multichain Storage is a smart-contract-based cross-chain storage gateway integrated with Oracle technology and the Filecoin networks.

STFIL (CN) – https://stfil.io/#/

STFIL Protocol is a decentralised liquidity staking protocol. It helps lenders earn stable yields and offer storage providers undercollateralized loans for leveraged farming positions.

METAGEO (US) – https://www.metageo.io/

METAGEO is a 3D map hosting, visualization and management platform for architects, engineers, construction businesses, governments and others who want a mixture between Dropbox and Google Earth that supports a variety of formats and where they can share and collaborate.

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