Supporting the most promising Web3 startups using the power of IPFS to build an Open Metaverse

The IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp, powered by Protocol Labs, helps the best Web 3 founders and teams fine-tune their proposition, demonstrate traction and get funded in 12 weeks.

The IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp is an accelerator program for early-stage projects launching with the Protocol Labs techstack as their Metaverse growth lever.

The Base Camp is designed to support founders across all areas critical to the success of early Web 3 Metaverse projects, from business model and product refinement, legal structuring, token model design, fundraising, liquidity sourcing, or making industry connections. If you are an entrepreneur working within categories such as NFT Media & Entertainment, Gaming & Social Experiences, dApps and DAO Technology – get in touch.

Applications close in:

Applications are now closed

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