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The Convergence Stack is a living breathing thesis that has evolved over 5 years of investing in anticipation of the convergence of blockchains with IoT, AI and robotics. For more context on what open and collaborative means in the context of CStack and how it has grown to over 20 protocols this year read this post from our CEO Jamie Burke here here

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Application 6

(Botanic, Evernym)


(SEED, IOTA, Ocean Protocol)



Interfacing 5

(Botanic, Evernym, Brave)




(Ocean Protocol, Aragon)

Verification 4



(Haja Networks, FOAM, Chainlink)


(Agoric, Golem, Enigma)

Routing 3


(Haja Networks)


(Agoric, Cosmos, Alkemi)

Distribution 2

(IOTA, Fetch.AI, Sovrin, Bitcoin, Ethereum)



Hardware 1
Hardware Processing


Hardware Storage

Hardware Networking

We incubate, accelerate and launch ‘blue chip’ token networks at typically over $100m in network valuation (at the point of listing), with IOTA maintaining a Top 20 position since 2016

By becoming an integral and complementary part of The Convergence Stack and by association to Outlier Ventures and our partners the market places a premium on your project or company.


We have developed a highly regarded and eagerly anticipated portfolio of technologies that due to high degrees of synergy is becoming a working open stack.

This set of open-source technologies spanning hardware, software, networking and applications we envisage will create a new data economy. As decentralised networks anyone can contribute to its codebase and growth and subsequently participate in their economic success.

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“Outlier have helped us begin to fully realise the potential of Sovrin as a universal public utility whilst navigating a tremendous amount of complexity. We don’t believe there is anyone else that could have met all our needs in one partnership.”

Heather Dahl — CEO, Sovrin

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The projects we work with partner with us because our approach is to work closely with them, whatever the stage of development they are in, bringing our expertise and network to bear for their benefit. We have depth of expertise in legal, structuring, branding and proposition, crypto-economics and a partner network that can be brought to bear on any challenge.

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