Inside our base camp accelerator

Building the Open Metaverse isn’t easy. Web3 project founders can find themselves drowning in sea of startup and regulatory complexity. Outlier Ventures is here to help. With Base Camp, we are recruiting, financing, and providing a systems-driven launchpad for pre-seed projects anywhere in the world. We provide comprehensive product support, hub services, and partner with teams to flesh out and execute their Web 3 concept. Teams join us for an intense three months in a bespoke accelerator that helps founders define, build, and scale their projects from zero to one.

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Advice for aspiring Web3 Founders

In this video Members from Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp give advice to Web3 Founders, if you’re thinking of becoming a founder, here’s a good place

Web3 Explained

As we move to a more automated world, the ability for users to trust the web is ever-more important. Web3 is an important mission for us all as citizens and users.

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