25th April – AI and Blockchain: Is this a match made in heaven?


Part of the Tech UK AI Week – see more about Lawrence’s panel on the event website

So far in 2018 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are two key technologies that everyone is talking about. Both technologies have the potential to offer huge economic and society benefits across UK industries and sectors. However, to what extent could the full benefit and value of these technologies be truly realised through their convergence?

As part of techUK’s’ AI week, techUK is bringing together leading experts in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger to explore the potential opportunities and benefits that could come from the adoption and implementation of AI in Blockchain technologies.

This roundtable session will consider the opportunities from the intersection between AI and blockchain as well as explore the possible risks, challenges and barriers that could stand in the way and how these might be overcome. The roundtable will kick-off with short presentations from our speakers and all participants will be invited to take part in the subsequesnt discussion.