18th July – Digital Innovation in Mental Health – London


Lawrence Lundy-Bryan will be speaking on a panel at the Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference at Westminster School on 18th July. The conference will interleave topics across psychiatry, technology and culture to identify innovative ways of addressing mental health needs. It will bring together care professionals, technological innovators, service users, start-ups, and experts in policy, ethics, law and public opinion and more.

At the heart of this conference, we will be examining technology-supported interventions aimed at improving mental health. We will discuss a selection of digital tools and resources that might facilitate care support. This conference will also encourage digital equality by promoting research with real world implications that will directly benefit vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups. The conference will host a Roundtable to produce a Scoping Report that will be presented at the United Nations in 2019.

The conference will be attended by academics, government, practitioners, technology innovators and faith leaders from across the globe including countries including Qatar, Singapore, USA, India, Ghana, Canada, Australia and Europe.

For more information: https://www.beckyinkster.com/summer-2018-conference/