16th Jan – LSE Blockchain meet up


Lawrence Lundy, Head of research will be on a panel will Josef Hazi from Zeroline Capital and Lester Haoda Li from Huobi UK at London Blockchain Labs. 5 startups will present, and there will be a coming together from dozens of investors and industry leaders in the blockchain community.

LBL was founded in 2017 by former members of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain at LSE and Blockchain at Berkeley. LBL is a non-profit and our mission is to empower the students, entrepreneurs, businesses and policy-makers of today to be the world-changers of tomorrow.

Since January 2018, LBL has accumulated a community of 2500+ blockchain enthusiasts, hosting 50+ events and attending dozens more. We have helped connect students with employment opportunities, with 25+ people to our knowledge currently working in blockchain companies.