Dream Assembly Base Camp AMA, with FARFETCH and Outlier Ventures

In today’s episode of the Metaverse Podcast, we have compiled the best bits from Farfetch’s Twitter Space – Dream Assembly Base Camp AMA.
Join Farfetch, Outlier Ventures, and a few founders from the previous cohort as they answer the most important questions for Web3 founders at the intersection of digital fashion and Web3.
You’ll hear from startups that participated in the Dream Assembly Base Camp program, including Iindyverse, Altr, Mintouge, and Sknups, about their experiences with the accelerator and the benefits that founders receive by being a part of it.
Applications for Dream Assembly Base Camp are open: https://outlierventures.io/dream-assembly-base-camp/

Want to be a guest on The Metaverse Podcast? Get in touch with Laura Stancescu by emailing laura.stancescu@outlierventures.io!

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