Why we invested in Lemonade: creating social Web3 events

As Big Tech media sites have increasingly brought our social experiences online, a wave of platforms dedicated to offline get togethers have formed in pushback. One of these platforms is Lemonade. Founded originally as an event site that allows users to create intimate gatherings locked by invite, Lemonade truly hit its stride with the consideration […]

Why we invested in Metropolis World: the metaverse city of the future

The market has made it difficult for many Web3 projects to get off the ground. However, since coming out of stealth in July, Metropolis have managed to sell out two NFT drops in a matter of hours, both of which topped Open Sea. They are the first city to be covered by Time Out and […]

Why we invested in Navigate: Giving data ownership back to users

At Outlier Ventures, one of our main investment theses centers around the importance of data ownership: placing a fair share of the profits made by data collection back into the hands of its creators. Through our involvement with the data union Swash and the incubation platform Pool Data, we have been fortunate to invest in platforms that are […]

Why we invested in Koii

Decentralization, as a concept and ideal, goes beyond blockchain protocols and tokens that run on smart contracts. One network that is expanding the definition of what the Open Metaverse can be is Koii, a decentralized storage platform that envisions itself as “Web3, for everyone.” Rather than paying dividends to miners and node-runners, as many blockchain […]

Why We Invested in Pool Data

An Incubation Framework for Data Unions Pool Data provides a suite of services for data unions to utilize as they establish and grow, creating a system for these groups that was previously nonexistent. Data unions have vast technological needs, and Pool Data has sectioned their product into a messaging and payments infrastructure, a query-to-data analytics […]

Why we invested in Functionland

From AI to Web3 Co-Founder and CEO of Functionland Keyvan Sadeghi, after studying Artificial Intelligence, took a job in GAI (General Artificial Intelligence) in Hong Kong where he was introduced to the world of open-source. He became enamored with the ability to collaborate and share in this manner, developing a passion that naturally led him […]

Why we invested in Altered State Machine (ASM)

The Frontier of AI The ASM platform provides any application (eg: game, metaverse, financial) the ability to create AI Agents which are owned as NFTs. These Agents can be created and trained to compete against each other, interact, control human actors and support a variety of other use cases. Each Agent is represented by a […]

Why we invested in Lumerin

  Mining in the Early Days Ryan Condron, an early blockchain adopter, began mining on the Bitcoin network in his garage in 2012. Though this started as something he did for fun, he always deeply believed in the technology’s future. Sure enough, in the decade since, mining has become a thriving industry. Currently, “we are […]

Why we invested in Swash

  Swash is a Web 3 Data Union That Rewards Its Users While we browse the internet every day, our data is being captured and monetized without our benefit or consent. It can be complicated to understand what data is being used for what purpose, and the road for the average person browsing the web […]

Why we invested in Fluf World

  The Background   On August 7th FLUF World sold out all 10,000 of their programmatically generated, unique, animated NFTs priced at Ξ0.09 in just 40 minutes of opening the sale, with a secondary market now estimated at over $40m USD, with a Floor FLUF typically fetching more than $1,800.  Over the preceding months, I […]

Why we invested in Idexo


Introducing a simpler solution for Web 3 developers, Idexo. Idexo allows anyone to easily integrate different blockchain features directly into applications, such as NFT minting, in just a few simple lines of code. Developers no longer need to worry about the nuances of multiple blockchain architectures, programming languages, or acquiring and maintaining balances in different […]

Why we Invested in Alkemi

An analysis of the market reveals why DeFi participation has lagged the broader ecosystem: institutional participation. We believe this has been due to three critical factors: Capital, Connectivity and Control. Capital, because institutions have not been able to access suitably deep liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem. Connectivity, because centralized institutions are entrenched within the Web2 […]

Why we are collaborating with Filecoin

[Applications for Filecoin Base Camp are now open – click here for more information and to apply.] Colin Evran, Ecosystem Lead at Protocol Labs, explains the context in which Filecoin operates: “Filecoin is a movement to create a decentralised, efficient and robust foundation for humanity’s information. The world of cloud storage is suffering from major […]

Why we invested in Meme.com

Memes get their value from their remixes, reshares and re-edits. They have the ability to spread by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and these often carry symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. Let’s take for example Pepe The Frog. While the original artist, Matt Furie, completely deserves the […]

Why we invested in Boson? The trillion dollar dCommerce opportunity.

Boson Protocol is to dCommerce what stablecoins were to the DeFi stack – the catalyst for an ecosystem of highly specialised, yet complimentary and composable protocols.   On the question of what to do with Big Tech The Web’s ecommerce platform monopolies, like Amazon in The West and Alibaba in Asia, are often referred to […]

Outlier Ventures Invests in Alkemi

Two seismic problems exist in finance. Within more traditional capital markets & banking, the market is encumbered by out-moded legacy infrastructure. Within the the more emergent digital assetization arena the markets are inefficient due to a lack of liquidity.   So we are delighted to confirm, Outlier Ventures are the lead advisor and an investor […]

Fetch.AI and Outlier Ventures Become Sovrin Stewards

Stewards on the Sovrin network are responsible for write and read functions on the Sovrin ledger. The new stewards include  Fetch.AI and Outlier Ventures as well as AyanWorks and One Global. The network currently has stewards from 13 different countries around the globe. Fetch.AI will be using the Sovrin network to provide its autonomous agents self-sovereign […]

Outlier Ventures and list of global investors back $4 Million Raise for Agoric to enable secure JavaScript for blockchain-based smart contracts

Foundational distributed electronic markets development team close round to scale the team and build commercial solutions New York, NY (May 13, 2019) — Agoric today announced the successful completion of their latest investment round with an impressive array of global investors including gumi Cryptos Capital, Interchain Foundation (Cosmos), Kilowatt Capital, Lemniscap, MetaStable Capital, Outlier Ventures, […]

Outlier Ventures joins the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

[image id=’2101′ alignment=’center’] Welcoming Europe’s first blockchain VC signals the maturity of blockchain investment and distributed ledger technology Leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures announces it has joined the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association to actively engage with the British VC community on the emerging blockchain and distributed ledger […]

Why we are investing in Ocean Protocol

THE PROBLEM   The world has a data problem. The more we create, the more we are forced to entrust it all to fewer data monopolies to profit from. Data is also siloed, and generally hosted on proprietary databases across vast systems, geographies and business units. Whilst there have been fixes and APIs that have […]

Why We’re Investing in… Botanic & SEED Token

[image id=’807′] THE PROBLEM   Today, AI is all around us, with bots generating more Internet traffic than people (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Annual Report). Yet these bots are largely still perceived as crude, mostly obvious and somehow separate but that is about to rapidly change, as the bot market is growing in volume […]

Outlier Ventures becomes lead investor in Botanic Technologies and SEED Token

Botanic’s patented technology allows SEED Token to underpin open source AI future London (6 November 2017) — Leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures becomes lead investor in, and strategic partner of, Botanic Technologies Inc., a leading multimodal bot development company based in San Francisco, California. Botanic Technologies is comprised of a team […]

Why We’re Investing in… Evernym & The Sovrin Foundation

If you have spoken to me recently you will know myself and the Outlier team are really very excited to have announced at the beginning of the month becoming Evernym’s, and the Sovrin Foundation and it’s token’s, lead investor and strategic partner. As with every investment we wanted to find some time to provide the […]

Outlier Ventures backs Evernym to bring the world true self-sovereign identity

Outlier Ventures takes on the role of Evernym’s lead investor and strategic partner London (3 October 2017) — Leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures becomes an investor in, and strategic partner of, Evernym the foremost developer of self sovereign identity technologies and inventor of Sovrin, the global public utility for decentralised […]

Why We’re Investing in…IOTA

You don’t need me to tell you 2017 is, without doubt, going to be the ‘Year of the Token’. As investors, we have patiently watched from the sideline whilst for the first time ICOs raised more money than was invested by VCs in ‘blockchain’ startups in this last quarter. This fundamentally rewrites how capital is […]