A 5-step guide to building your community 

Communities play a crucial role in the development of a blockchain project. They can offer extremely valuable insight into your product and market trends in general. Here’s a 5-step guide for how to build your community.

Why we invested in Lemonade: creating social Web3 events

As Big Tech media sites have increasingly brought our social experiences online, a wave of platforms dedicated to offline get togethers have formed in pushback. One of these platforms is Lemonade. Founded originally as an event site that allows users to create intimate gatherings locked by invite, Lemonade truly hit its stride with the consideration […]

Community Token Economies

This white paper is a review of the current state of the ICO (initial coin offering) phenomena that has emerged since 2013, and has now gone mainstream in the early part of 2017. It discusses its benefits as an innovation, primarily to better enable open source communities to self-finance and realise new decentralised digital economies […]