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The leading accelerator for Web 3.0 projects around the world.


Empowering innovators developing a decentralised web.


Teams building GameFi, NFTs & Gaming, Services, Middleware & Infrastructure.


Supporting the most promising teams leveraging ZK Proofs to build a scalable and privacy-preserving Web3.

Upcoming Base Camps

Supporting the most promising projects building in the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystems.

Supporting the most promising Web3 startups using the power of IPFS to build an Open Metaverse.

Supporting companies that leverage Hedera’s DL.

Supporting the future of Web3 luxury fashion & commerce.

Teams building GameFi, NFTs & Gaming, Services, Middleware & Infrastructure.

Teams building the next generation of cross-chain DeFi & MetaFi protocols

Core terms

We keep it really simple, we give you access to our inhouse specialist and mentor / partner network for 6% and in addition a cash stipend to cover your costs during the program.

*Funding terms may slightly differ in certain accelerator programs. Check with program manager for details.

We offer

  • 3 month award winning accelerator program (fully remote), including access to in-house operational, legal, commercial, marketing, and token model support
  • Funding and an optional interest-free repayable loan may be available (terms apply)
  • Leading mentor and investor network featuring some 200+ of the biggest names in DeFi, Web3, and the Open Metaverse

In return for

  • 6% equity and 6% future token supply
  • Option to invest at a discount during the next funding round
  • Repayment of loans once the fundraising round is closed and paid out of fundraising proceeds

The Story of Base Camp

Our Portfolio


  • Funding in exchange for 6% of your company and 6% of future token supply
  • 3 month fully remote accelerator program
  • Access to in house specialist operational, legal, commercial, and co-marketing support
  • Token engineering support and business model testing to pinpoint product-market fit
  • An optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan to help with initial legal costs
  • An active global mentor, partner and investor network featuring over 200+ known names and 100+ alumni companies in Web3

Any Base Camp program is designed to nurture teams whose business potential best leverages the program’s protocol and design strengths and also aligns with Outlier Ventures’ Metaverse OS Thesis. Cohorts are generally selected through the lens of growing the protocol ecosystem across various layers such as: NFTs & Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Services, and Middleware.

Participating startups will gain exposure to both Outlier Ventures’ and the protocol’s ecosystems, offering an unparalleled opportunity for founders to scale their technology and grow their business.

The Base Camp Accelerator is currently planned to be a fully remote and virtual program. There may be the opportunity for in-person summits in London or other European locations once the pandemic situation improves. We have so far invested in companies from Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, UK, Switzerland.

We are focused on building out our vision of what is necessary for Web 3.0 to be successful – the Open Metaverse thesis. We are already supporting projects across the areas of NFTs & Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Middleware, and Services. Each program starts with an announcement on our , which outlines specific use cases we would like to see and helps shape our investment thesis for that cohort.

Outlier Ventures is a venture platform designed to support decentralised projects to design, build, and scale at every stage of their development.

We provide early-stage funding, as well as providing support via relationships, introductions, and access to specialists from across the venture platform. We have incubated and supported leading Web 3.0 teams, and can bring a powerhouse of support to ventures building Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Each Base Camp program will be 12 weeks long.

This is a foundational product development accelerator for decentralised technology startups. We help you establish momentum and gain traction by learning and applying the foundational technology concepts leveraging Web 3.0.

We will organize educational group sessions and schedule 1-2-1 tailored meetings with our niche experts and expansive mentor network to support you across all dimensions of early-stage company formation. We help with your business strategy, token design and tokenomics, legal framework, technical support, branding and position, community building, marketing, and communication, as well as help you with that vital initial fundraising, establishing strategic partnerships, and building your foundational support network.

The aim of the Base Camp program is to set founding teams up for long term success. We aim to leave you with clarity on your mission, momentum in achieving it, and being ready to close a significant fundraising round.

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