Become a Base Camp Mentor!

You will have the opportunity to work with leading early stage teams around the world and be exposed to tech at the forefront of Web 3. Beyond just the meaningful relationships you will form with the teams and the overall Outlier Ventures network, these have the potential to turn into opportunities for investment, advisory or […]

Polkadot, Filecoin, Ocean Protocol, Polygon join Diffusion Digital to talk Web3 and NFTs with 30+ crypto projects and artists including BLOND:ISH and Deadmau5

We’ve gone from the initial experiments in Virtual Reality (VR) to a new conception of an economy linked to digital currencies and goods (NFTs), perfectly functioning with FIAT systems and physical assets. This new reality, bolstered by behavioral and economic shifts during the Covid-19 pandemic, will shape the next phase of decentralized technologies. However, the […]

Why we invested in Boson? The trillion dollar dCommerce opportunity.

Boson Protocol is to dCommerce what stablecoins were to the DeFi stack – the catalyst for an ecosystem of highly specialised, yet complimentary and composable protocols.   On the question of what to do with Big Tech The Web’s ecommerce platform monopolies, like Amazon in The West and Alibaba in Asia, are often referred to […]